Why Maths Is Important

Maths is an essential skill that enables us to live an independent life. It teaches us how to make sense of the world around us, whether it be: calculating the total amount of money we need to purchase items, knowing what time to meet a connecting train or weighing precise amounts of ingredients when following a recipe. Maths helps us to develop problem solving and reasoning skills that allow us to solve a variety of problems.

Bar Model Tool - Conceptua Math

BAR MODEL TOOL Our Bar Model tool provides a dynamic platform for creating visual representations of mathematical problems. Teachers can model their own word problems based in Cognitively Guided Instruction and Singapore Math to help build upon each student’s natural problem solving strategies. Conceptua Math’s Bar Model tool addresses single and multi-step problems in addition.


Place Value Counters - MathsBot.com

A virtual set of interactive place value counters for use in and out of the classroom.