End of KS1 Assessment

What are sats and why do we have them in year 2?

Your child’s teacher is responsible for judging the standards your child is working at in English reading, English writing, mathematics and science, by the end of key stage 1 through Teacher Assessment.

To help inform those judgements, pupils sit national curriculum tests in English and mathematics, commonly called SATs.

The tests are a tool for teachers to help them measure your child’s performance and identify their needs as they move into key stage 2. They also allow teachers to see how your child is performing against national expected standards.

when do they take place?

The tests can be taken any time during May and they are not strictly timed. Our pupils don't always know they are taking them as our teachers will incorporate them into everyday classroom activities. You may hear your child refer to them as a 'special quiz'. This is done so that the children don't feel any pressure and are able to 'show off' what they can do.

Will i find out my child's results?

Teachers will use the results from these tests, along with the work your child has done throughout the year, to help them reach their own judgements about how your child is progressing at the end of key stage 1.

These teacher assessment judgements will be reported to you by the end of the summer term.

What do they consist of?

Find out more information by watching this video.