Values and Ethos

Cheadle Primary School - Ethos and Values

We are a Community Primary School where every single child matters. We endeavour to support all of our children to be the very best that they can be and we strive to ensure that strong relationships underpin our day to day practice. We place a huge emphasis on care as well as both giving responsibility to and expecting responsibility from every single one in our school.

Our vision statement summarises this:

Cheadle Primary School challenges, supports and inspires every individual to achieve to the very best of their ability; a real sense of belonging is encouraged, responsibility is shared and everyone is valued.

We are an inclusive school that endeavours to be at the very heart of our local community. We work exceptionally hard to embed a culture of pride in our school and to instil a sense of pride in every single individual.

We praise, we reward and we value academic success, and day to day throughout each of our lessons, our primary focus is to ensure that every single child has the opportunity to succeed.

At CPS, we truly believe that education is so much more than test results and offer our children the opportunity to join in extra-curricular activities and visits that will help them experience life beyond the classroom.

We strive to be an excellent school so that the pursuit of excellence simply becomes a habit. The ethos of our school is summed up in the quote below:

“At its beating heart the excellent school is a place where

people care more than others think is wise,

risk more than others think is safe,

dream more than others think is practical

and expect more than others think is possible.”

Roy Blatchford, Director National Educational Trust

Our Core Values

We promote our core values by living them in our everyday life with each other. Each month has its own value which is the theme for our assesmblies and is discussed within the classroom.

Our Core Values are:

September - Healthy Happiness

October - Harmony

November - Perseverance

December - Honesty

January - Courage

February - Gratitude

March - Faith

April - Compassion

May - Patience

June - Self-belief

July - Sharing

All year - Respect