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Cheadle Primary School Curriculum Intent and Rationale



At Cheadle Primary School we aim to deliver a curriculum that builds on prior learning, deepens knowledge and enhances skills that foster a lifelong love for learning leading to achievement.


Our bespoke and balanced and curriculum is designed, and adapted where necessary, to ensure we are providing the very best offer and are meeting the needs of every child irrespective of any educational needs or disability. We offer an ambitious and relevant curriculum that recognises the importance of knowledge acquisition as well as the progression of key skills in all areas.


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We adopt a topic-based approach allowing children to make meaningful links within and across subjects, enabling them to embed prior learning, think more deeply and make connections between subjects.


Reading is at the very heart of our curriculum. High-quality texts are used to ignite the children’s imagination and drive our learning forward for each topic. Core and additional texts are selected carefully and thoughtfully to ensure that children read a wide range of genres/ text types, discover many great authors and encounter diverse cultures. We celebrate and welcome difference within our school community and look for knowledge and insight into communities that are different to ours.


We aim that our all-encompassing approach enables every child to have a love of learning and a love for one another, regardless of any differences. We use the RESPECT values of; Resilience, Excellence, Self-Awareness, Positivity, Empathy, Communication and Teamwork to promote positive attitudes to learning. These core values are at the very heart of all we do and afford children the aptitude, inclination, skills set and desire needed to promote individual and community responsibility for life- long learning and future success.


At CPS, we recognise that for children to aspire and be successful academically and in other areas of their lives, they need to be given rich and sustained opportunities to develop their cultural capital. We believe that exposure, not only to culture, but also to situations in which the children might not have previous experiences of, is of paramount importance to their ongoing success. Therefore, in addition to our core curriculum, we also have a cultural capital overview for each year group highlighting our focus to equip all our children with a core knowledge and experience of poetry, art, music, nature and pressing global issues.


We want to empower and develop the whole child and therefore we take pride in the development of our enrichment opportunities at Cheadle Primary. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs which promote learning, enjoyment and competition. In addition to this, we encourage opportunities to learn outside of the classroom with our new forest school and gardening area.


Community involvement is an integral part of our curriculum, inviting families and visitors to find out about and have the opportunity to learn new skills. We share experiences such as assemblies, curriculum workshops, special events, shared reading sessions, sports day and many more.


We believe it is important to have a strong sense of locality, community and belonging. We aim to promote an understanding of our local community and this is frequently used to inspire children by drawing on the resources in Cheadle and more widely in Staffordshire for example Stafford Castle, Ford Green Hall and factories in ‘The Potteries’.


Throughout our curriculum, we prepare the children with the skills and understanding needed for later life. Cheadle Primary School children leave with a sense of belonging to a tightly-knit school and Staffordshire Moorlands community, where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate and achieve.