Peer ambassadorS

A peer ambassador coordinator oversees the project and trains the mentor following the peer support questions sent out to all children to assess needs across the school.  An adult is always available for all peer ambassadors whilst mentoring at playtime or lunchtime.

What is the purpose of Peer Ambassadors?

‘Peer Ambassadors’ are students helping students.

Children will have a willingness to turn to their peers to discuss worries, problems and concerns.  Often choosing to speak to another child about something they would not bring to an adult.  There are also students willing to go above and beyond to help other students by being a good friend and trying to help anyway they can.

‘Peer Ambassadors’ builds on this willingness of children, it recruits and trains responsible, caring students in further communication skills.  Allowing other children a friendly listening ear, in a space that is safe to talk with clear guidance for any issues that may arise.

Our peer ambassador coordinator is Mrs R Castle.

Who are Peer Ambassadors?

Amazing students who act as positive role models, receive training in active listening, verbal and non-verbal communication, confidentiality and problem solving.

They receive at least eight training sessions with the peer ambassador coordinator, including role play, before completing their initial peer ambassador training.  They can go on to build their own further training needs with yoga, mindfulness and leadership within their other organised groups.

Peer ambassadors work on a 1:1 basis (with adult supervision) offering a drop-in service at lunchtime, where a pre-booked child is paired with a suitable ambassador, or as a playground ambassador on the playground, to listen and support with worries or problems.

What does a Peer Ambassador do?

Peer Ambassadors work with adult supervision.  They will:

·       Help new students to settle into school.

·       Provide support to students who might feel isolated or needing help with self-confidence.

·       Offer advice and guidance on relevant topics

·       Help students to plan, set goas and action plan.

·       Deliver assemblies on bullying and mental health.

All peer ambassadors are regularly debriefed with an appropriate adult to ensure they are not becoming stressed themselves and have no concerns or problems they are not happy with.


A peer ambassador is NOT a teacher, counsellor or social worker and are not a replacement for professional support.

Our Peer Ambassadors

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