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Children's Leadership Team

Children's rights are learned, understood and lived in this school.

Area Coordinator: Mrs Catherine Bell

Area Link Governor:

External Links: UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools link - Hilary Alcock

Vision and INtent

The Children's Leadership Team aims to encourage our children to:

Develop confidence and responsibility and make the most of their abilities.

To prepare them to play an active role as citizens.

To develop good relationships and respect the differences between people.

To have a “voice” and to share their opinions and ideas with others.

As a Right Respecting School it is the role of the CLT to ensure our children have an understanding of their “Rights” and as a result help to create;

  • A safe, happy and fair learning environment

  • A forum to voice their concerns and act upon them

  • A structured opportunity to learn problem-solving skills

  • An opportunity to take an active role in the organisation of the school

  • An opportunity to experience a democratic process

Our Children's Leadership Team aims to give pupils experiences of:

Planning, organising and monitoring small projects, for example charity events.

The opportunity to take part in fort nightly meetings and feedback to their class. A chance to perform in assemblies and also an opportunity to take part in discussions to develop debating skills.

Our CLT also aims to prepare our pupils for citizenship by teaching them about roles, rights and responsibilities within the school and global systems.

Democratic processes such as elections and voting.

Please click on this link to see A simplified version of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

Please click on this link to see The United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child

Please click on this link to see The summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child

CLT / RRS Coordinator

My name is Mrs Bell and I am the Children's Leadership Team and Rights Respecting School Coordinator.

At Cheadle Primary School we are extremely proud to be part of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, where every child is valued, cared for and developed to their full potential.

Our aims, values and pledge to the UNCRC awarded us the UNICEF Recognition of Commitment to the Rights Respecting Schools Award. In July 2019 we achieved Silver Award for the first time.

As rights-respecting school lead, I am passionate about helping to place the UNCRC at the heart of the school’s planning, policies, practice and ethos.

My role is central to helping to create a community where children’s rights are learned, taught, practised, respected, protected and promoted. I help the school community to model rights and to show respect in all its relationships: between teachers / adults and pupils, between adults and between pupils.

In turn the children are taught to appreciate that they are part of a Global Community and that they should take an active part in that community. Each class has a charter and an article linked to it.

It is crucial that the children feel valued as individuals as well as feeling the importance of belonging to and contributing to their community. As part of my role I enjoy seeing the children growing in confidence and taking part in new experiences. The best feeling is seeing the children become empowered through “Pupil Voice” and democratic processes. It is a joy to see the impact when the children’s opinions are upheld and valued by the staff and pupils.

Curriculum and implementation

The Articles of the UNCRC are reinforced in all lessons and particularly in the Jigsaw PSHE program.

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Children's Leadership Team

cultural capital and enrichment

Rights Respecting Schools events supported by the Children's Leadership Team include the following;

  • Children's Leadership Team/RRS representatives elected by class vote

  • Children's Leadership Team voted in Chair, Vice Chair and note taker

  • Children's Leadership Team and Mrs Bell discussed the importance of children understanding and appreciating their rights.

  • Children's Leadership Team meetings were held to choose local and global charities and to ask their class for suggestions.

  • Dougie Mac fund raising took place to support the local hospice.

  • Red Nose Day – Joke competition and assembly – global links were made to help support rights around the world.

  • The Children's Leadership Team helped to co-ordinate the Harvest Festival food donations to support the food banks in the local community.

  • Remembrance Service – The Children's Leadership Team attended the church and placed poppies on the graves of the fallen soldiers from local community. They also attended the local cenotaph and observed the two minutes silence along with the local community.

  • Children’s Mental Health Week – the Children's Leadership Team asked their class mates for suggestions how Cheadle Primary School can help to improve the mental wellbeing of the students and this was fed back to the wellbeing coordinator.

  • Anti-bullying week and Safer Internet Day – the Children's Leadership Team ensure the children are aware of the relevant rights.

  • The Children's Leadership Team also work with The Eco Warriors, Play Ground Leaders, ICT ambassadors to raise awareness of their initiatives and to make links to the relevant Articles under UNCRC.

What our pupils say

Lucy in Year 1 said… “We really liked raising money for Red Nose Day.”

Lucia in Year 2 said… “I really enjoyed our School Council Assembly.”

Jenson in Year 3 said… “I like going to the School Council meetings and sharing my ideas.”

Cole in Year 4 said… “I most enjoyed Remembrance Day when we placed poppies on the graves.”

Lottie-Mai in Year 5 said… “I really like thinking of ways to make Cheadle Primary School even better.”

Ife in Year 6 said… “I enjoy thinking of ways to raise money for charity and raising awareness about children’s rights.”

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