It is essential that all members of our learning community have absolute clarity about the standards of behaviour expected from all pupils, and how the rewards and the sanctions that operate at Cheadle Primary School promote model behaviour. The staff and adults at Cheadle Primary School use this policy to support behavioural improvement on a daily basis.

This behaviour guidance aims to provide the parents and carers of the children at Cheadle Primary School with a clear overview of the methods used at our school, in order to celebrate positive behaviour, and support, develop and sanction undesirable behaviour.

It is anticipated that with a greater understanding of the methods used, parents and carers will support our whole school policy and perhaps even use this system at home to support their child in recognising the positive values that our school aims to develop as they progress through Cheadle Primary School. When followed the policy will aim to maximise each pupil’s learning potential by providing an environment where pupil’s behaviour enhances learning and does not detract from it.

Please follow this link to view our Behaviour Policy in full