Homework Intent

To assist covid recovery to education, we are focusing our homework provision on the key areas of writing, with an emphasis on vocabulary development, reading comprehension skills and maths methods.

Please click on this link to view our Homework Policy 

Homework Implementation

Children will receive homework once a week, which will be loaded up onto Google Classrooms on a Friday.  They will complete their homework in their home learning book.


Children will bring their homework book to school every Wednesday.  The work will be shared and marked in class together, so the book can return home with the children at the end of the day, in preparation for the new work set.

This will allow us to further support our children with the disruption to school-based learning they have faced, particularly in key areas such as English and Maths.  Your child may have slightly different work to others in their class.  This is so that we can target their areas of development and provide a more personalised programme.


If you have any questions, please speak to your child’s teacher.

Home Learning Book Expectations


To begin your work, always draw a neat line (using a ruler) under your previous work and put the full date, again underlining with a ruler.

You do not need to write out the question for English work, unless told to.


Write the subheading:

Vocabulary Detective – underlining with a ruler.  Then leave a line, before completing the work.


Once complete write the sub-heading:

Marvellous Maths Leave a line before starting the work. Write out the question before answering it.  Remember to show any workings out.


Once complete write the sub-heading:

Electrifying English Leave a line before starting the work.  Follow the instructions.  Always write in full sentences, unless told otherwise.  If it is a matching activity, copy them out before you match them.

For example:

Always take your time and try your best.  If you are finding questions tricky, speak to your teacher (before Wednesday).  You do not have to complete the homework in one go – spread it out, so you are doing a little bit each evening.

Please continue to read 5 times a week and log on to TT Rockstars as normal.