Eco Warriors

Eco-Warrior Mission

Eco Warriors are a focused group of children from across the school who care for our school environment. They are keen to improve our local area and want to raise awareness of global issues and do their bit to help combat global warming.

They take part in a variety of activities such as litter picking, planting vegetables and flowers, creating homes for wildlife and maintaining the outdoor areas. Our latest projects are:

1) To plant and maintain the new planters on the playgrounds.

2) To plant hedges along Cecilly Brook with a local team of volunteers.

3) To improve the bug hotel and create new areas for wildlife to enjoy.

Our Eco-Warrior coordinator is Mrs. Goldstraw-Davis.

Eco – Warrior – Monitor Role

The job of an Eco-Warrior is to monitor the energy usage in your classroom. This will include:

  • Politely asking the teacher to turn off the projector and computer monitor before lunch, assembly or any other time that they are not needed.

  • If the classroom is too warm ask the teacher if you can turn down/off the radiators.

  • Politely remind the teacher to turn the lights off when they are not needed, especially if you are all going out of the classroom for PE or assembly.

  • At the end of the day, close all the windows.

  • Keep the playground tidy of litter using the picker.