Peer Mentors

This year we have introduced a peer mentoring system at Cheadle Primary.

Any child from upper KS2 (Y5/6) can apply by filling in an application form when posts are available. After deadline has passed applications are sorted by Miss Carr and Miss Lawton and interviews are conducted. Successful applicants have the option to apply for peer mentor, tutoring mentor or both.

Peer mentors have two weeks of training with Miss Lawton, our family support worker, where they look at areas such as active listening, confidentiality, separated families, bereavement, peer pressure, bullying, verbal abuse, aggressive behaviour, neglect and self-harm. They will also look at questioning, empathy, sadness, confidence, stress, personal hygiene, acting out, how to revise and how to unwind. As part of the training they practise with other students using made up problems or worries. They are then supervised closely by Mrs Clarke and Miss Lawton for about 4 weeks to ensure they are happy and confident in dealing with other students. After this, there is always a member of staff supervising for any concerns that need to be safeguarded; our mentors are trained to know which things need to be passed to an adult.

Peer mentors are available every lunchtime in the treehouse on a rota basis. They offer support and information to students who come in and hopefully help the children feel happier and empowered to help themselves. They will also be running small workshops at lunchtime to help with areas of need, confidence building, worries/stress and relaxation. They deliver a yoga class and also support the less active children to do more with Jumpstart Jonny and Tri golf (children for these sessions are identified by teachers).

Tutoring mentors are assigned to a particular class which they visit to support a teacher once or twice a week. They hear readers, support with homework and can support with KUNCU (Keep Up Not Catch Up)