Playground Leaders

Playground Activity Leaders (PALS) is all about encouraging other children to get active, be fit and have FUN! Thirteen Year 5 pupils have been specially trained to organise games and activities for our Y1/2 and Y3/4 children. Playground Leaders are easily identified on the play ground as they wear special green caps. The Leaders are enjoying leading games and the children are enjoying using the new exciting equipment too!

Some of the many benefits of the Playground Leader scheme include;

• Improved behaviour and reduction of playground incidents

• Improve general levels of health and fitness

• Improve levels of co-operation and trust / self control / greater inclusion

• Improve co-ordination, speed, reaction, strength, endurance

• Provide more opportunities for better social interaction

• Develop language and listening skills

• Help children find activities they enjoy doing and have FUN!

• Give more opportunities to be successful, and raise confidence and self-esteem.

Some of the activities the children participate in are: relays or circuit games, parachute games, team games, creative use of equipment and skipping.