Y6 Ambassadors

When the children reach Year 6 they are given the opportunity to apply for an ambassor's role. These They have to complete an application form which states which role they are applying for, why they would be great at that role and what they promise to do if they are elected. The Year 6 staff always have a tough job choosing the succesful applicants.

Below are some extracts from the application forms:

I am friendly, I have great communication skills and I am a great listener. I would be supportive to staff and pupils as I am an excellent team player.

In Year 5 I was a playground leader and I love to help people grow as a person. If you elect me I promise I will help other people that struggle.

I promise I will be a good listener and put forward students ideas and opinions. I will work hard to think of ways we can improve.

I will try my best in class and encourage others to do the same.

I am going to look after school things especially pencils!

Just my one goal is to make everyone smile.

Here are our Head Boy and Girl pictured along with the Deputy Head Boy and Girl.

They will represent the school on many occasions throughout the year and will meet with the School Governors

There are a variety of jobs carried out by the prefects. These include:

  • Assembly
  • Cloakroom monitors
  • Attendance trophy
  • Star of the Week
  • Office jobs
  • Looking after the Year 6 snail (Michael Johnson or MJ for short)

Here are our house captains and vice captains. It was decided all house names would have a pottery link to reflect our local heritage.

Bridgewater Captain

Doulton Captain

Moorcroft Captain

Wedgwood Captain

Bridgewater Vice Captain

Doulton Vice Captain

Moorcroft Vice Captain

Wedgwood Vice Captain